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Mobile Packet Core Peformance Testing
  • Measure Equipment Performance Characteristics Under Real-world Network Conditions
  • Test Core Components & Network Server Capability With A Single Test Platform
  • Easy Setup of Complex Test Scenarios
Spirent's Landslide test system product portfolio offers a comprehensive end-to-end performance test system that emulates millions of mobile data subscribers accessing a wireless network simultaneously via different access models. Designed to conduct performance and scalability testing for a wide range of wireless technologies and application, Landslide delivers the ability to test core components for each technology in both stand alone or end-to-end configurations, while providing a single system for users to test all their mobility needs on. 
Landslide offers different applications for different users.
Network Equipment Manufacturer
Operators & Service Providers
Characterize system before trial/delivery Facilitate vendor selection
Validate system scalability
Identify performance ceilings
Identify capacity limits
Enable accurate capacity planning
Measure call/data performance
Provide end-to-end testing
Automatic regression testing
Network Planning and deployment analysis
Features Include:
√ Emulates Up to 800,000 Mobile Nodes and 2,000 Network Components in a Single Chassis
   (up to 32 chassis can be used together)
√ Easy to Use GUI
√ Capability to Test Both Core Network Components & System Network Components
√ Converts Tests to Tcl Scripts
√ Ability to Measure Network Performance
√ Validating New Features & Services in Lab Environment
Because the Landslide system offers a powerful, easy to use interface, test operators can quickly and efficiently set up complex test sessions which can be saved, modified and/or reused. The Landslide Manager supports up to 48 simultaneous users and can control up to 32 Landslide Test Servers, with a total capacity of up to 12.8 million simultaneous connections.
Spirent's Landslide Performance Testing Products for Broadband Networks is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets.  For more information and Datasheets on Landslide go to or to learn more about their line of Broadband Test Equipment and Solutions go to  
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