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Liberator E-1000c

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70/80 GHz Wireless Backhaul for Macro Cell Backhaul & Enterprise Connectivity

The Liberator E1000c is a robust all-outdoor wireless Ethernet link operating in the 70/80 GHz band and delivering more than 1 Gigabit Full-Duplex capacity over distances of up to 5 km. By using (1+1) or (2+0) link mode it can provide close to 5 Gigabit aggregate capacity between two points. 

The Liberator E1000c has been designed to increase the data capacity in the carrier and enterprise sector offering a high level of flexibility on various data interfaces including support for single-mode, multi-mode, WDM fibre and Gigabit-Ethernet. 

Two antenna options (35cm and 65 cm dishes) and optimization for extremely low latency applications guarantee a high system reliability at carrier-grade level in all scenarios. Integrated installation and set-up tools make the E1000c an easy to-deploy and easy-to-operate wireless backhaul solution.

The combination of these options and features position the Liberator E1000c as an ideal solution for backhauling LTE or 3G Macrocells, the extension of fiber in metropolitan networks, high bandwidth campus connectivity or as a backhaul for data centers.

Adding greater capacity and reach to existing small cell backhaul range, the Liberator-E1000 offers point to point speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The Liberator-E1000 operates in the 70-80 GHz E-band range and delivers high speed, high capacity wireless data links over distances of up to 5km.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Cost, High Speed Mobile Data

Mobile operators looking to deploy next generation LTE networks, or to use metro cells and small cells to add capacity and coverage to existing 3G networks, need quick access to low-cost, high speed backhaul connections both to avoid a bottleneck in the transmission network and to ease and speed the network roll-out.

The Liberator range now delivers that capacity with elegance and simplicity in city centers, urban and suburban environments.

  • No Signal Interference

The millimeter wave signal is very accurate and tightly focused.

This means the links can be deployed very close together, even side-by-side, and experience no interference.

This makes them ideal for city-center deployment especially given their ability to do very short distances – unlike their big-brother microwave radio links.

  • Optical Speeds Over The Air

The Liberator range of E-Band and V-Band links (Liberator-V320 and Liberator-V1000) can now provide high capacity ‘fiber-thru-the-air Ethernet links with speeds of up to 1Gbps over distances as small as 10 meters and as far as almost five kilometers – offering significant lifetime cost savings over leased line and fiber counterparts.

  • License Exempt / Lightly Licensed

Many administrations have elected to allow the use of mmW frequencies in the 60GHz, 70GHz & 80GHz bands, for Point-to-Point links, under license exempt or lightly licensed regulations.

Actual conditions will vary from country to country.  We recommend checking actual circumstances with your local telecommunications regulator.


A complex proprietary radio interface significantly reduces the chance of any other system intercepting the transmitted data.

Additionally, a high level of data security is inherent in the product via signal absorption by atmospheric oxygen and the use of high gain/narrow beam width antennas.

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