Liberator V-100

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liberator V-100

60 GHz Wireless Backhaul for Small Cell Backhaul & Enterprise Connectivity

Liberator wireless Ethernet bridges operate as a data link in the 60GHz band which is licence exempt or lightly licensed (between 57GHz and 64GHz) in over 22 countries worldwide.

The Liberator V100 is an extremley versatile and cost eff ective all-outdoor wireless ethernet link operating in the 60 GHz Band delivering a Full-Duplex bandwidth of 100 Mbps for distances up to 1.2 km. Optimized for invisible street level deployments, the V100 provides an ideal solution for challenging high-density applications such as Small Cell Backhaul, Campus Connectivity & Wireless Video Surveillance.

The high-gain antenna has particularly low sidelobes giving excellent interference immunity, and allowing multiple co-located units on a single pole overcoming pole sway, twist and/or tilt. The patent-pending “Snapback” SyncE allows rapid synchronisation in just a few seconds, and the future-proof programmable platform allows new features to be added as Carriers & Enterprise requirements change in the future. 

The Liberator v100 is an easy to deploy and flexible wireless backhaul solution designed to meet the highest reliability requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • ‘Snapback’ E-Sync for carriers
  • 60 GHz License exempt operation
  • Small form factor
  • Ethernet 100Mbps (Full Duplex)
  • AES
  • Up to 1600m range
  • Quick to install
  • Plug and play
  • Remote management


  • Optimised for small cell backhaul
  • Fibre alternative
  • LAN extension
  • Path redundancy
  • Campus connectivity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Leased line replacement
  • Temporary connections
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