Liberator V-320

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liberator V-100

Licensed Link Quality of Service – Without the Licence!

The Liberator–V320 is an extremely versatile and cost effective P2P wireless Ethernet link operating in the 60GHz band. Quality design and engineering provide carrier grade availability for large and small network operators or individuals.

Liberator wireless Ethernet bridges operate as a data link in the 60GHz band which is licence exempt or lightly licensed (between 57GHz and 64GHz) in over 22 countries worldwide.

Features and Benefits

  • 320Mbps Full Duplex

The Liberator 60GHz wireless Ethernet bridge guarantees 320Mbps rate at the Ethernet, combined with 99.999% availability.

The Liberator is ideal for short ranges (up to 1km) supporting exceptionally high data rates.

  • Up To 60% Smaller

Measuring only 18cm × 18cm (7“ × 7“), the terminal’s compact size is attained by extensively integrating the active and passive circuit components.

The result is a compact, discreet unit weighing just 2.5kg and which can be easily installed almost anywhere.

  • Plug and Play Installation

The “2 box” simplicity of the Liberator-V-320 allows an end user to install it as easily as any other network component.

The radio and power source are connected to a network node using a single, outdoor rated, CAT 5e Ethernet cable carrying power and data.  Alignment of the link is done using a visual alignment tool or via a standard multi-meter.

  • System Administration & Monitoring

Link performance can monitored and optimised via the GUI based management system.

  • Security

A complex proprietary radio interface almost completely eliminates the chance of any other system intercepting the 60GHz transmitted data.

Additionally, a high level of data security is inherent in the product via signal absorption by atmospheric oxygen and the use of high gain/narrow beam width antennas.


The Liberator’s bandwidth, size, cost and flexibility make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Find out about

  • Fibre alternative / leased line replacement
  • LAN extension
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and temporary installations
  • Campus connectivity
  • Wireless backhaul
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