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A Flexible, Full-Featured Dispatch Console
  • Supports Up to 128 (Sharable) Radio Channels
  • Provides 36 Operator Positions per Console System
  • Compatible with Stat-Alert, ASTRO 25, Securenet & Other Wireless Interfaces

Motorola's MCC 5500 Dispatch Console offers comprehensive diagnostics and automatic switching (via a TDM switch) that allow for a fully redundant and self-healing solution, with an easy to use interface that provides the capability to customize the look and feel for your operation. This  modular workstation provides fully functional dispatch capabilities for conventional radio systems and can control multiple, wireless radio systems.
The MCC 5500 combines maximum functionality with flexibility to deliver an application that controls radio, paging and telephone operations that can be configured to meet individual needs. By integrating these operations users can more effectively managed their resources and time. Ideal applications include: Dispatch Console, Vesta E911, IRR and Fire Alerting. Automated monitoring and testing of system components, along with ability to generate statistical reports and log dispatcher operations are some of the new enhanced monitoring features on the MCC 5500.
Features Include:
√ Flexible Graphical User Interface
√ Supports Multiple Paging Formats
     – 2-Tone
     – Quick Call I and II
     – DTMF
     – 5/6 Tone
     – Custom Formats
√ Capacity for Up to 36 Operator Positions per Console System
√ Supports Up to 128 Radio Channels (sharable)
√ Up to 10 Patch Groups per Dispatch Console (16 radio channels per patch)
√ 2 Central Office (CO) Lines per Dispatch Console
√ 72 CO Lines per Console System
√ Capacity For Up to 10 Multi-Select Groups
√ Up to 512 Paging Buttons (with up to 50 single pages in a group)
√ Supports Up to 10,000 Speed Dial Aliases per Console
√ Multifunctional Console—dispatchers can access features at the touch of a button
√ Distributed TDM switch:
√ Integrated Control Room
√ Enhanced Monitoring
√ Multiple System Support
MCC 5500 supports a variety of radio systems and protocols including conventional analog, conventional ASTRO, Stat-Alert and conventional mixed mode. The multifunctional console delivers even more efficiency with its built-in caller ID, conferencing telephony features, a paging package and integration with external paging units. Critical information is accessed quicker with real-time dispatching. Users are able to view call information instantaneously and able to get response teams on the go faster and more efficiently.
The Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Console is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Industrial, Emergency Response and Military markets. Motorola and AIR delivering exceptional mobility and IT critical communication solutions for today, tomorrow and the future.   
MCC 5500 Brochure
MCC 5500 Spec Sheet

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