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MOTOROLA Access Point IAP 4300

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IAP 4300 Motorola Intelligent Access Point

MOTOMESH™ Duo delivers a new level of economic flexibility and investment protection to municipalities, enterprises and service providers. 

IAP 4300 -  Intelligent Access Point

The intelligent access point acts as a bridge between the wired world and the wireless mesh network.

The IAP 4300 is available either in a single radio configuration with a 2.4 GHz WiFi radio (802.11 b/g) or in a two radio configuration with an additional 5.8, 5.4 or 4.9 GHz (802.11a) radio. In a single radio configuration, the 2.4 GHz radio is used for both client access and node-to-node mesh links. In the two radio configuration, the 5.8 or 5.4 GHz radio is dedicated for node-to-node mesh traffic, while the 4.9 GHz radio is used for client access. Additionally, the 5.8 or 5.4 GHz radio can be configured to provide client access using the 802.11a standard.

Features and Benefits

Flexible & Adaptable Gateways

Every 4300 series node is capable of being an intelligent access point (IAP) or mesh wireless router (MWR), reducing the cost of storing excess inventory and simplifying deployment. Additionally, IAPs immediately adapt to backhaul loss by becoming mesh wireless routers, routing traffic to an alternate gateway in the network. This automatic, self-healing ability minimizes service interruptions and ensures continuous connectivity.

Proven Mesh Routing

The IAP 4300 leverages MeshConnex™ routing technology, using real-time congestion management and link control to automatically select the best data route on a per-request basis. This dramatically reduces hop latency, to better deliver real-time voice and multimedia services. Today, MeshConnex powers large-scale Motorola mesh wide area networks of more than 1,000 nodes.

Carrier-Class Security

The IAP 4300 supports complete, end-to-end security. It provides WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption on client access. Motorola's own Secure Mesh ensures the highest data security within the meshed WiFi network. Plus users can now create access lists that can block particular clients from accessing the network.

Compact Form Factor

The smallest, lightest dual radio access point in its class is aesthetically appealing, resulting in increased mounting location flexibility and community acceptance.

Software Highlights

The 4300 series solution offers a multitude of software features for enhancing your network experience. With Peer to Peer Communication Blocking, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now have an effective way to manage billing applications and client tracking scenarios. With the combination of the IAP 4300’s VLAN support and standard 802.11e QoS, ISPs can create differentiated services that will allow them to offer tiered packages.  



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