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MOTOROLA PVE400 - Personal Video Recorder

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Motorola PVE400 - Personal Video Encoder

PVE400 - The Motorola's solution that integrates Wi-Fi technology directly into the Personal Video Encoder (PVE).

The personal video encoder can be part of a MOTOMESH Duo network, or act with Motorola's Mobility Enabled Access (MEA) as a stand alone video and monitoring solution.  


Features and Benefits

Wireless Connectivity

Motorola supports two variants of the personal video encoder. The PVE400 supports a built-in 802.11b/g capability for standards based WiFi network integration, operating in a MOTOMESH Duo network. While the PVE400M uses MEA wireless technology, supported in MOTOMESH Solo and Quattro networks.

Self-Forming Wireless Video Network

Motorola’s intelligent MEA technology turns each PVE into a router/repeater that forms part of a seamless, wireless network. This network can be deployed independently, or as part of a wider network using additional mesh devices. Video and other broadband data can “hop” through every device in the network and due to this Multi-Hopping feature, the network actually becomes more robust as additional PVEs and other mesh devices are added.

Quick Deployment of Video Surveillance

The integrated design and instant scalability of the mesh wireless system also provides an ideal solution for quick, temporary deployments at events that require personal video surveillance and monitoring. Since the MOTOMESH network forms when the PVE is powered up, video monitoring can be instantly deployed to improve situational awareness and incident response. Duo technology offers the ability to quickly scale up the network by simply adding mesh devices to expand coverage.

Management and Control

The PVE can be managed and monitored from an incident response command post or a central operations control centre. Delivering real-time video and audio information for true “Point-of-View” situational awareness. Access can be offered though a simple web browser, or for multiple units management is supported through the Darim VideoSpider console.

A Robust Solution

Developed for the most challenging environments, the PVE supports field-operational features such as Fischer autolocking/quick-release interfaces, aluminium encasement, waterproof head-camera and field-replaceable lithium-ion battery, specifically designed to meet the needs of harsh operating conditions or critical/ emergency response teams.

Monitoring for Staff Safety

The PVE also includes an integrated Ethernet port offering local attachment for additional devices, from data terminals to personal monitoring devices for public safety and emergency response staff. With wireless connectivity users can access intranet applications or emergency workers can automatically send key biometrics status reports.
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