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MOTOROLA VMM 4300 - Vehicle Mounted Modem for Mobile Wireless Connectivity

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VMM 4300 - Vechicle Mounted Modem

VMM 4300 the Motorola's solution that enables any vehicle, train or bus to offer secure and reliable wireless broadband connectivity at highway speeds. 

With Motorola’s Mesh Wide Area Networks (MWAN) technology users can access critical broadband applications virtually anytime and anywhere. The VMM 4300 supports broadband data rates while in motion.  

Features and Benefits 

Versatile Solution

Communications can be maintained while traveling everyday at driving speeds with the VMM 4300, which includes a 4.9 GHz, 5.4 GHz or 5.8 GHZ radio that provides wireless backhaul connectivity. The compact and rugged product enables global usage for a variety of vertical markets.

Proven Mesh Routing

With MeshConnex™ fast handoffs are not an issue for the VMM 4300. The patented MeshConnex routing technology ensures real-time congestion management and link control to automatically select the best data route on a per-request basis. This significantly reduces hop latency, resulting in more reliable delivery of real-time voice, data and multimedia services to and from moving vehicles. 

Robust Data Rates for Mobile Broadband 

The VMM 4300 delivers broadband performance for voice, video and data needs while traveling at highway speeds. There is an Ethernet port for in-vehicle connectivity. Access can be used for connectivity to the Internet, offloading DVR content, live streaming video, database access and other high bandwidth applications.

Best in Class Security

The VMM 4300 supports the best in class security with Motorola’s Secure Mesh solution, which offers the highest data security within the meshed WiFi network.

Quality of Service

The VMM 4300 supports IEEE 802.11e based traffic prioritization, which enables flawless execution of voice and video applications. It constantly monitors congestion and automatically tunes its QoS parameters to optimize route selections to support such latency sensitive applications.

Vechicle Mounted Modem (VMM) 4300 Spec Sheet
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