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MOTOTRBO the Foundation for Thessaloniki Network

Mototrbo, the Foundation of Thessaloniki Network

Motorola offers wide area digital radio solution

Improves Safety and Efficiency
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the city is also Greece’s second major economic, industrial, commercial and political Centre and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe.
In order to improve critical communications through extended coverage and enhanced security.The Ministry of Interior (MoI) of Thessaloniki has deployed a radio network based on Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ and point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge technology, to take advantage of Motorola’s wide area digital radio solution MOTOTRBO.
Helecom, American International Radio (AIR), Inc’s local partner has helped to implement this MOTOTRBO wireless network.  It also incorporates SafeDispatch, a sophisticated GPS based tracking application from Motorola Application Partner SafeMobile.
Principal users of the network are field personnel from the MOI who not only require highly-secure communications but contiguous coverage to ensure radio contact between users and headquarters. The older analogue network had been vulnerable to potential security breaches and fraught with communication ‘dead zones’.
After evaluating a number of solutions, the decision was made to design a robust network with a MOTOTRBO digital radio system at the core.
MOTOTRBO offers numerous benefits over traditional analogue systems. These include: double the call capacity on an existing frequency which reduces equipment costs, improved voice quality at greater range, simultaneous voice and data transmission, text messaging, encryption, and GPS location tracking.

Professional Digital Two-way Radio System


Increase your mobile work team’s operational Efficiency with MOTOTRBO

One of the first steps was to install a primary MOTOTRBO DR 3000 VHF repeater on the mountain of Xortiatis, high above the city with a Point to Point 100 Series Ethernet bridge (PTP 100) link to the MOI’s headquarters which hosts a DM 3601 mobile radio and a router to provide access to the internet.
This was required for the IP Site Connect feature, which enables the MOTOTRBO system to work through an IP network, allowing users to share voice and data applications, create widespread coverage and eliminate the problems, caused by interference and physical barriers. It gives field personnel, equipped with DP 3601 MOTOTRBO portable radios, the ability to roam seamlessly between sites without having to physically change channels.
“This can effectively work across the entire country, even when the vehicles are mobile; the only downside being the lack of available 3G services nationwide where, in certain areas users will have to resort to lower GPRS speeds - but they still maintain that vital communication link,” notes Demitris Kekas, Director at Helecom.
Owing to Motorola’s digital radio solution MOTOTRBO, American International Radio (AIR), Inc. was able to improve safety and efficiency of the city of Thessaloniki. Because of its high flexibility and many features this system it adapts perfectly to the customers needs and offers a great usability in many application areas.
MOTOTRBO the Foundation for Thessaloniki Network Case Study
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