Motorola Tetra Portable Radio: MTP700

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Rugged Motorola TETRA Portable Radio

This product has been discontinued, please contact us at for alternatives, accessories or spares.

  • Dedicated Emergency Button  
  • Extended Battery Duty Cycle
  • One Touch Status Messaging

The Motorola MTP700 offers users durability and a robust feature set.

The Main Features of Motorola Tetra Portable Radios MTP700

Smaller and lighter than previous generations, this model provides increased battery life and communication efficiency for those mission critical situations.
Frequency Ranges:
  • UHF: 380–430MHz
               800MHZ: 806/825 paired with 851/870 MHz
Features Include:
  • Factory Mutual Intrinsically Safe Version
  • 512 Talkgroups–TMO
  • 208 Talkgroups–DMO
  • TEA1,TEA2 Encryption (optional)
  • Packet Data Service
  • RS–232 Interface (optional) 
The MTP700 Tetra Portable Radio is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Transport and Telecom Services markets with an FM version available for Oil & Gas markets. AIR and Motorola your trusted source for maintaining critical operations and providing TETRA communication solutions. Delivering fully integrated voice and data services to ensure users have access to up to date intelligence, enabling them to make truly informed decisions.

MTP700 Data Sheet

Products accessories


PMNN4047 Battery, LiIon, Std, 1200 mAh
PMNN4048 Battery, NiMH, 1200 mAh
PMNN4049 Battery, NiMh, FM, 1150 mAh


NAF5037 806-870 MHz, Whip 8505241U06 806-870 MHz, Stubby FAE6000 380-400 MHz, Narrow band FAE6001 410-430 MHz, Narrow band FAE5520A 380-400 ...
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