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Scalability. Reliability. Ease-of-use. Performance. Value.
The MTRBi radio interface allows Telex C-Soft-equipped consoles to control Motorola© MOTOTRBO™ radio systems, creating a complete MOTOTRBO™ solution.
The MTRBi combines all of the above to help make your communications more efficient and effective than ever – and all via the industry’s most proven and trusted platform: C-Soft.
  • Private Call - Call List
  • Radio Check – allows dispatcher to check status of radio in field
  • Radio Disable/Enable – allows dispatcher to stun and revive radio in field
  • Remote Monitor – Dispatch can active PTT of remote radio if required
  • Zone & Channel Change – allows radio to work off different groups
  • Scan Control – allows dispatcher to activate scan of control station
  • ANI – Dispatch can see ID of radio or convert to alias if desired
  • Call Alert
  • Emergency Alert
  • Outgoing text – Dispatch can send text to radio
  • Supports GPS – location of radio integrated in C-Soft
Whether you are in the field of Public Safety, Government, Commercial, Health Care, Utilities, or Transportation, you can now enjoy the features of MOTOTRBO™ with full console capability.
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