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Professional Radio Base Station/Repeater
  • Offers 255 Channel Capacity
  • Programmable External PTT Mode
  • Designed to Fit Easily in Vehicles
The Spectra Engineering MX800 packs more power and performance into a compact 2RU case than any oyher Base Station/Repeater in its class. The advanced modular construction technics, as found in military grade equipment, assures high tier RF parameters, reliable and long lasting performance.
In addition the MX 800 automatically switches to P25 mode on reception of a P25 carrier, allowing analog radios in the field to still work on the same system and the flash based software design allows for future upgrades of new features. Saving you time and money.
Frequency Ranges:
√ 30–50MHz
√ 66–88MHz
√ 135–532MHz
√ 746–794MHz
√ 805–960MHz
Features Include:
√ Up to 255 Channels
√ Power Levels:
     – 5–50 Watt (30–870MHz)
     – 5–35 Watt (870–960MHz)
√ Continuous Duty Cycle Operation
√ Battery Revert Operation (with external charger)
√ Self-testing and Alarm Reporting
√ Wire-line Audio Interface
√ External Frequency Reference Input for Simulcast Applications
√ Temperature Controlled Fan
√ RoHS Compliant
√ P25 NAC Programmable or Transparent
√ Repeat All P25 Transmissions and/or Analog Transmissions
Available in :
    → Conventional: Local and Wide Area
    → Trunking: SmartNet/SmartZone, MPT1327
    → Paging: POCSAG

Spectra Engineering's MX800 is ideal for Government/Public Safety and Industrial markets. A supplier you can rely on; a leader in design and manufacture of high performance analog base stationsSpectra Engineering.

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