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Micom HF Radio Transceiver: 3T

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Micom 3T

Maximum Communication Reliability Radio Transceiver

  • Offers Up to 200 Channels
  • Features Multi Language Display
  • Trunked Mounted Mobile Unit with GPS Interface
The Micom-3T HF Radio Transceiver provides the highest level of reliability for long range wireless communications of voice, data, fax and email. 

The Main Features of Iacom 3T HF Radio Transceivers

Offering the latest technological advancements and features the Micom 3T delivers the reliability,dependability and functionality you demand to meet the needs of your organization and personnel. The unit is a trunk mount mobile radio, embedded with ALE and is fully compliant with FED-STD 1045 and MIL STD 188/141B and meets the MIL 810 STD (Dust, Shock, Vibration, Rain, Salt & Fog).
Features Include:
  • ALE JITC Certified
  • 125 W Power Output PEP/Average
  • Variable Bandwidth
  • Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Front Panel Control and Programming
  • Control Head with Installation Kit (and 17ft control cable)
  • Selectable Power Output
  • Operates on all 1.6 to 30 MHz Frequency Ranges
  • Built-in Digital Noise Blanking and Clarifier
  • Multi-Lingual Full Matrix Display with Enhanced Keyboard
  • Security Access Codes for Radio Programming
  • Remote Control via PC
  • Multi-net ALE per MIL-STD 188-141B
  • GPS Interface (for adding internal or external GPS receiver)
  • Accessory Port for Multiple Point-to-Point Communication
  • Interface for High Speed Data Modem (9600 bps or higher)
  • Optional USB Communications Port for External Keyboard (Keyboard supplied by owner)
Micom 3T by Mobat Communications is ideal for Government, Military, Humanitarian, Municipalities and Public Safety markets. A proven family of radio products—Micom, delivers fixed and mobile stations covering the long range wireless communications market.  
Micom 3T Brochure
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