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Micom Mount Transceiver: RM500/RM500R

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Designed for Extra Long-range Radio Communications Base Station

  • Offers Up to 200 Channels
  • Self-contained 500W Transceiver Package
  • Provides Built-in Test System for Exceptional Dependability
The Micom RM500 base station offers users a comprehensive communications and networking solution built for meeting demanding requirements in long range communication reliability with ease of use and simplicity. It is fully compliant with FED-STD 1045 and MIL STD 188/141B and meets the MIL 810 STD (Dust, Shock, Vibration, Rain, Salt & Fog).  Meets or exceeds NTIA specifications and FCC Part's 15, 80 and 90.
Establishing a link has never been easier with the RM500, fast, easy and fully interoperable with other manufacturers' radios. A MIL-STD-188-141B certified system, comprised of the Micom-3T with auto-switching power supply and continuous duty tray, all contained in a 19" rack mountable case is rated at 125 watts PEP/average output and can easily handle continuous duty data requirements as well as voice, and comes with a desk microphone. Meets or exceeds NTIA specifications and FCC Part's 15, 80 and 90.   

The Micom-RM500 HF-SSB is a Rack-Mount 500 Watts continuous duty transceiver, integrated into a 19" cabinet with, amplifier system is comprised of the Micom-3T and a 500W Amplifier designed in a 6RU rack mount configuration, is DSP controlled radio with embedded ALE.


The Main Features of Micom RM500/RM500R Base Stations

The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax applications, the radio are designed to operate under tough environmental and physical conditions. The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax solutions. The system can also operate as a desktop or mobile unit (Optional shock mounts required) allowing great flexibility.
A multiple accessory interface junction box is included with the system to facilitate adding various modems, power amplifiers, phone patches or other devices. The Micom RM500 offers flexibility as well by allowing users to operate the transceiver via a PC and programming application. If remote control operability is a concern, the RM500 provides the capability to control the unit remotely utilizing the optional 2 wire remote control head.

It includes a auto-sensing AC power supply, cooling fans and a multiple accessory interface junction box. Micom-RM500R is the ruggedized version.

Features Include:

  • ALE JITC Certified
  • 500 W power output PEP/Average continuous duty power output
  • Selectable power output
  • Programmable power output
  • Built-in protective circuitry
  • Security access codes for frequency modification
  • Front panel programming
  • Variable Bandwidth
  • BITE (Built In Test Equipment)
  • Front panel control and programming
  • Operates on all 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range
  • Build-in digital noise blanking and clarifier
  • Multi-Lingual Full dot matrix display with enhanced key-board
  • Security access codes for radio programming
  • Remote control via PC
  • Multi-net ALE per MIL-STD 188-141B
  • Accessory port for multiple point-to-point communication
  • Interface for high speed data modem (9600 bps or higher)
  • Optional USB communications port for external keyboard (Keyboard supplied by owner)
The Micom RM500/500R Rack Mount Transceiver is ideal for Government, Military and Public Safety markets. When exceptional transmission purity and stability for highly reliable HF Communications is needed Micom delivers.  
Micom RM 500/R Brochure
Micom RM 500/R DataSheet

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