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Micom Power Amplifier: RM1200/1200R

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1200 Watt Power Amplifier

  • Offers 200 Simplex or Half-Duplex Channels
  • 100% Solid State, Modular Design
  • Provides Built-in Test Equipment for Exceptional Amplifier Dependability 
The Micom RM1200 is designed to deliver maximum durability and communication reliability for users across a wide range of operational application, while working in conjunction with other Micom HF radio transceivers. With its strict precision design, the fully solid-state amplifier features the latest and most advanced technology, providing exceptional linearity, efficiency and operating dependability for HF radio voice and data communications. The 16-bit Microprocessor Controller Board centralizes all sensory status information and controls the amplifier's band selection, autotuner operation, maintenance and protective functions.

The Main Features of Micom RM1200/1200R Power Amplifiers

Failsoft operation, dual power supplies and parallel amplifier modules maintain operation at reduced power in the unlikely event of total power failure to keep communication streaming and online. The Micom 1200 was built with  user-friendliness in mind; built to work with all Micom HF radios to allow for maximum flexibility in system design. The built-in protective circuitry ensure the amplifier is not damaged during abnormal conditions, keeping your investment safe and your personnel's communications active.
Frequency Range:
  • 1.6–30MHz
Features Include:
  • Front Panel Programming
  • Digital Clarifier & Digital Noise Blanker
  • Broadband Design—provides fully automatic tuning and adjustments
  • Current and Power Meters—for easy monitoring
  • Remote Control Panel—offers convenient amplifier operating and control
  • Built-in-Test Equipment
  • 100% Solid State, Modular Design—MOS-FET power transistors are interchangeable and field replaceable
  • 300 Modules—consumes less power than tube amplifiers and allows for easy servicing
  • Automatic Bypass Backup
  • Antenna Mismatch Protection—prevents amplifier damage and spurious energy in case of an extreme antenna mismatch
The Micom RM1200 Power Amplifier is ideal for Government, Military and Public Safety markets. When exceptional transmission purity and stability for highly reliable HF Communications is needed Micom delivers.
RM 1200 Brochure
RM 1200 DataSheet
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