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Micom Power Amplifier: RM4000

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RM 400

4000 Watt Power Amplifier

  • Offers BITE RS232 Interface Protection
  • Provides Automatic & Manual Bypass Backup
  • Delivers Automatic Step-down Levels

The Micom RM4000 delivers the most reliable radio communications, featuring the latest and most advanced technology that provides exceptional linearity, efficiency and operating dependability for a wide range communication applications.



The Main Features of Micom RM400 Power Amplifiers


It has been designed to work with Micom HF radio transceivers to offer users the best possible features and benefits in voice and data communications.

Frequency Range:
  • 1.6–30MHz

Features Include:
  • Built-In-Test (BIT) Monitors Internal Conditions of the Amplifier's Transistors Upon Request
  • Automatic Bypass Backup
  • Manual Bypass Selection
  • Automatic Step-down Levels
  • BITE RS232 Interface Protection:
  • Amplifier Module
  • Current Imbalance
  • Out-of-band Frequency Input
  • Short and Open RF Output
  • Input Overdrive
  • Under Voltage
  • High VSWR
  • Over-current
  • High Temperature

The Micom RM400 HF Power Amplifier is ideal for Government, Military and Public Safety markets. When exceptional transmission purity and stability for highly reliable HF Communications is needed Micom delivers.
Rm 400 Brochure

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