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Midian Desktop Paging Encoder: PDE-1

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Paging & Dialing Encoder


  • Offers Capacity of Up to 155 Aliases
  • Supports Up to 10 Different Pager Profiles
  • Delivers 512, 1200 and 2400 Baud Rate for POCSAG Paging
Midian's PDE-1 Desktop paging encoder offers multi-format encoding in one desktop terminal which make it both a cost efficient and practical solution to any communications infrastructure where multiple pager types are used. The PDE-1 has the capability to encode, POCSAG, Two-Tone, Five-Tone, DTMF and pulse tone providing a wide array of paging encoding possibilities. The dispatcher has the ability to enter up to 155 user aliases with 10 of those aliases associated with the speed dial function.

The Main Features of Midian PDE-1 Desktop Paging Encoders

The POCSAG paging features offers users 100 pre-canned messages with the capability to select different baud rates. 2-tone formats include Motorola's Quick Call II™, Reach, GE Type 99, and Aviation Call. Plectron can also be achieved by using Any 2-tone feature that allows for any 2-tones between 300-3000 Hz to be encoded. Pulse Tone is supported with 1500 Hz and 2805 Hz dialing for HEAR systems. 
Features Include:   
  • Capacity of Up to 155 Aliases 
  • Offers 10 Speed Dials
  • Offers up to 10 Different Pager Profiles 
  • 10 Pre-canned Messages Available 
  • Allows a mix of different pager types in the same system 
  • Optional Printer Port Available 

Midian's PDE-1 Desktop Paging Encoder is ideal for Campus Security, Industrial, Commercial Retail and Healthcare markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security, paging and encryption products—the solution to your security communications concerns.

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