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Midian Electronics Voice Inversion Scrambler: VPU-15

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High Level Voice Inversion Scrambler


  • Offers Advanced Signaling Features
  • Up to 4 Programmable Inversion Frequencies
  • Automatic Detection of Scrambled vs. Clear Conversations
Midian's VPU Series of inversion voice scramblers protect your voice communications against casual listeners. By mixing the frequency of the voice with an inversion tone in a balanced modulator, sum and difference frequencies are created. A low-pass filter eliminates the sum and the difference is transmitted as "inverted voice". The "inverted voice" undergoes an identical process on the receiving end that reconstructs the voice. Midian's VPU series voice scramblers are available in simplex, half-duplex, or full-duplex operation.


The Main Features of Midian Electronics VPU-15 Series Voice Inversion Scramblers

The VPU-15 Series is the ONLY inversion scrambler that delivers automatic detection of scramble/clear audio and can be used in most systems including: conventional, trunked, simulcast, HF SSB and voted systems. Additional options are available to enhance the features already built in. Check out the accessories section below for all available  Motorola plug in options.
Plug-in versions are available for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, and Vertex radios.
Features Include:
  • 37 Inversion Codes to Choose From
  • User Programmable Up To 4 Inversion Frequencies
  • Cryptic Signaling Format for ANI, OTAR, Deadbeat Disable, Selective Calling, & More
The VPU-15 is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Military, Industrial, Utilities and Transport markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your security communication concerns and a Motorola Application Partner.  
VPU Series Brochure

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Motorola Plug In Versions

MOT-VPU-15-COM-M — Plug in version for Motorola Commercial Series MDC mobile radios: CM300, PM400, EM400, CM160, and ...
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