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Midian Electronics Voice Inversion Scrambler: VS-1000

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Voice Inversion Scrambler 

  • Programmable Up to 16 Inversion Codes
  • KL-3 Programmable to Any Inversion Frequency
  • Plug-in Versions for Vertex Radios  
Midian's VS-1000 Series of inversion voice scramblers protect your voice communications against casual listeners.

The Main Features of Midian Electronics VS-1000 Series Voice Scramblers

By mixing the frequency of the voice with an inversion tone in a balanced modulator, sum and difference frequencies are created. A low-pass filter eliminates the sum and the difference is transmitted as "inverted voice". The "inverted voice" undergoes an identical process on the receiving end that reconstructs the voice.

For use by  government, public safety, fleets (i.e. taxi, towing, fishing), and private use.

Midian's VS-1000 is compatible with Motorola's VPA, MX-Com's MXP-1080/1180 series, Transcrypt's SC20-400 and SC20-401, Selectone's ST-20, and others.

Features include:
  • User-programmable to any inversion code between 2100 - 4096 Hz
  • Scramble/clear mode is selectable
  • Plug-in versions for Vertex radios

VPU/VS Series Brochure
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