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Midian Electronics Voice Scrambler: TVS-2

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High Security Hopping Code Voice Scrambler

  • 5 Programmable Levels of Security
  • Deadbeat Disable Feature
  • Automatic Detection of Scrambled vs. Clear Conversations
Midian Electronics TVS-2 Series of tactical high-security rolling code voice scramblers offers protection against even determined listeners. By using true frequency hopping rather than frequency sweeping, the TVS-2 offers higher security than competitive rolling code scramblers.

The Main Features of Midian Electronics TVS-2 Series Voice Scramblers

While competitive rolling code voice scramblers claim up to 1,000 hops per second, each of these hops are only a cycle or two in length. Midian's TVS-2 hops 6 to 12 times per second in standard mode and 13 to 25 times per second in advanced mode. Each hop is several hundred cycles in length.
The TVS-2 Series can be used in most systems including: conventional, trunked, simulcast and voted systems. Additional options are available to enhance the features already built in. Check out the brochure for all available options.
Plug-in versions are available for Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, and Vertex radios.
Features Include:
  • 42.9 Trillion Possible Codes
  • Over-The-Air-Reprogramming (OTAR) of the Primary Security Code
  • Deadbeat Disable for Lost/Stolen Radios
  • Automatically Detects Scrambled or Clear Conversation
  • Programmable Double Hop Rate for Higher Security
  • Programmable Password Protection
The TVS-2 is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Military, Utilities and Transport markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your security communication concerns.  
TVS-2 Brochure

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Motorola Plug-in Versions

MOT-TVS-2-COM-M — Plug-in version of the TVS-2 for Motorola Commercial Series MDC mobile radios MOT-TVS-2-COM-ME — Plug-in version ...

Miscellaneous Motorola Version Add-ons

MOT-TVS-2-GP — Wire-in front cover version for Motorola radios: GP300, GP350, GP88 and P110 Radius® MOT-TVS-2-PRO-XS — Flex version ...
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