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Midian Electronics Voice Scrambler: VS-1200

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Frequency Domain Voice Scrambler

  • Does Not Require Synchronization
  • 4 Programmable Levels of Security
  • Can Be Used with HF SSB
Midian Electronics VS-1200 Series provides medium to high security levels without the requirement of synchronization. 

The Main Features of Midian Electronics VS-1200 Voice Scramblers

The newest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to come out from Midian boasts it can be easily used in HF SSB radios, as well as conventional, trunked, simulcast and voted radio systems. The VS-1200 currently offers plug-in versions for Kenwood and Vertex radios, with other plug-in developments on the horizon.
Multi-Format ANI:
  • Motorola's MDC-1200
  • Kenwood's FleetSync
  • M/A-Com's G-Star
  • DTMF
  • 5-Tone (all formats)
Features Include:
  • 4 user programmable Security Levels
  • Security Keys
  • Plug-in Versions Available
  • Programmable Audio Levels
  • Can Be Used With HF SSB
The VS-1200 is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Military, Utilities, Transport and Industrial markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your security communication concerns.  
VS-1200 Brochure
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