Model 232

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Data/Voice Multiplexer
  • 15 Remotes Can Access A Single Multiplexer
  • Extend the Distance Between Remotes & Radio
  • Supports Local Programming Via PC or Remote Programming Via Telephone Connection
Zetron's Model 232 Voice/Data Multiplexer allows a desk operator to have complete control and access to a radio network that is located in a distant or remote city or a different country. In instances where only local network access if required M232 inconjunction with a Zetron remote delivers improved RF coverage and distribution of control stations for reliability and balanced site loading.
Most basic systems in the market today can only connect to a single control station, while the Model 232 provides the capability for multiple remotes to access a distant radio.  
An additional cost savings benefit of the Model 232 is it only requires the use of one lease line, where in most cases to connect remotely would require two leased lines, one for audio and one for control increasing your lease line cost significantly over a period of time. A user will typically see leased line savings an return on investment in one to two years.
Features Include:
√ Multiplexes Voice and Data Over A Single Telephone Circuit
√ Fifteen Remotes Can Access a Single Multiplexer
√ Allows Use of a Single Line to Connect Zetron’s Most Popular Desktop Remotes to a Distant Control
            – Model 360 (LTR)
            – Model Z370 (iDEN)
            – Model 380 (MPT 1327)
            – Model 390 (TETRA)
√ Compatible With PSTN (dial-up telephone circuit), 2-Wire or 4-Wire Leased Line, ISDN, and Microwave
√ Demand-Dial Mode Initiates Temporary Connection Based on Audio/Data Activity (PSTN or ISDN)
√ Automatic Reconnect on Loss of Carrier
√ “Toll Quality” Audio
√ Supports Local Programming With a PC or Remote Programming Using Telephone 
Zetron's Model 232 Data/Voice Multiplexer is ideal for Public Safety, Government, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Industrial markets. Zetron—the demostrated leader in mission critical  communications solutions, delivering worldwide, through partners like AIR.    
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