Model 4010/4010R

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Portable, Self-contained Radio Dispatch Console
  • Accommodates Up to 12 Radio Channels & 2 Telephone Lines
  • Offers Compact & Versatile Design For Maximum Portability
  • Supports Rackmount or Desktop Style Configuration
Zetron's Model 4010 is designed to simplify the everyday tasks of operating a multichannel system, allowing operator to focus more on dispatching activities. Built with rigorous functioning in mind, the Model 4010 is rigidly constructed, rated for continuous 24/7 applications while providing proven field reliability in the most demanding conditions and environments.
A cost-effective, high performance solution the Model 4010 delivers an efficient means for monitoring and dispatching a system of up to twelve radios for operators. By presenting operators with both aural and visual cues to ease their supervision of a multichannel communications system. The Model 4010 supports DTMF, Motorola/GE Two-tone, Plectron, 5/6 Tone, Quick Call 1, Knox and Rotary Dial, in addition to accommodating most industry standard radio interfaces including: Tone Remote, DC Remote, Local Control and E.
Features Include:
√ Fully Field Programmable
√ Accommodates Up to 12 Channels
√ Built-in Encoder
√ Interfaces With Outside Phone Line or Analog PBX Port
√ MDC1200 Signaling
√ ANI & Emergency Alert/Acknowledge
√ Individual Channel Volume/Mute
√ Patch Capabilities
√ Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs
√ Instant Paging
√ Simul-Select
√ Up to Four Different Alert Tones
√ Support Multiple Concurrent Patches
√ MultiFunction LCD
√ Call Indicator & Busy Channel Indicator
√ Instant Transmit
Available as both a rackmount and desktop console the Model 4010 comes with a variety of options to simplify operations even further. Programmable function buttons such as group call, channel select and channel patch simply use and allow for better operational efficiency. By supporting one or two telephone lines with its intuitive controls: "answer", "release" and "hold" the 4010 console delivers the flexibility and control needed to perform the job at hand.
The Zetron Model 4010 Radio Dispatch Console is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Railway, Institutional and Industrial Security markets. Zetron—ensuring the highest voice quality reliability for mission critical communications.

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