Model 827

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MPT 1327 Trunking Controller

  • Highy Capable, Flexible Trunked System
  • Offers Modular "Plug n Play" Structure
  • Delivers Four Levels of User Defined Call Priority
Zetron's Model 827 implements the international MPT 1327 trunked radio protocol in a single, capable controller package which utilizes a uniquely flexible building block approach, with expansion of up to 24 channels per site. Because of its modular design, Model 827 ensures a cost-effective system with expansion capability and can link up to 32 sites without investing in complex and costly switching peripherals associated with other manufacturers’ architectures.
Each site has a database capacity for up to 5,000 users with upto 2,000 group identities and 500 fleets. More importantly the M827 offers complete system resilience (loss of one repeater does not affect the rest of the system) and there is no need for a central switch (on single or multi-site applications). Advanced features with the Telephone Interconnect option include: emergency call prioritization, least call routing, cyclic channel control, full toll restrict for barred numbers and variable call time limits.
Features Include:
√ Fully MPT 1327/1343 Compliant
√ Modular “Plug and Play” Structure—enables an economical building block approach to site development
    with expansion capability of up 24 channels per site, and 32 sites per system
√ Individual Subscriber Validation Plus Electronic Serial Number (ESN) Checking
√ System Configuration Software—provides easy configuration setup and maintenance from a single local
    or remote connection
√ Intersite Database Programming—allows multisite networks to be programmed and updated remotely
    from a PC, using only one physical connection to any site
√ Monitor 3 Internal Alarms and 3 External Alarms
            –Internal Alarms Include:
                        → Subscriber Bus Faults
                        → Repeater Bus Faults
                        → Transaction Buffer Overflow
√ Four Levels of User Defined Call Priority/Three MPT 1327 Standard Levels
√ Support For Extensive Range of MPT 1327 Call Types
√ Set Emergency calls to Demand Resources (by preemptive clearing of existing calls)
√ Three Separate Call Queues: Voice, Phone, and Busy Mobile
√ Cyclic Control Channel Operation For Balanced Repeater Transmitter Duty-cycle Loading
√ Flash Upgradable Firmware/Software
√ Telephone Interconnect Option
Zetron's Model 827 Trunking Controller is ideal for Public Safety, Government, Oil & Gas , Transport and Industrial markets. Zetron—the demostrated leader in mission critical communications solutions, delivering worldwide, through partners like AIR.
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