Model 844

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4-Port Intersite Link
  • Provides 4 Analog Speech/Data Ports
  • Supports Four Configurable RS-232 Data Linking Ports
  • Offers Additional Storage Capacity For System Call Detail Records

Zetron's Model 844 4-Port Intersite Link provides enhanced linking capacity to a Zetron Model 827- based MPT 1327 trunked radio system. It provides four 4-wire audio ports and four RS-232 serial data ports. The 4-wire audio and data ports provide a gateway for linking conversation audio and call setup data essential for roaming trunked network operation.
Multisite operation allows mobile units to roam throughout the network without losing any system functionality. Roaming units are located and can receive calls from a telephone or anotherradio unit. In addition, multisite operation allows a group call to include up to six sites.
Features Include:
√ Integratation With the Zetron M827—to supports regional networks of up to 12 sites in a variety of
   different configurations
√ Support of Multiple Model 844s At Each Site, For Up to 32 Intersite Links
√ Additional Storage Capacity for System Call Detail Records
√ Internal System Alarm Detection and Reporting 
                  – Call Detail Storage Buffer Full
                  – Repeater Serial Bus Failure
                  – Subscriber (database) Serial Bus Failure
√ Provides Four Analog Speech/Data Ports—to directly connect two or more Zetron MPT 1327 sites
√ Uses 4–wire Audio or 4–wire Audio with E&M Signaling to Link Multiple Sites
√ Supports Four Configurable RS–232 Data Linking Ports for Enhanced Network Performance

Zetron's Model 844 Four Port Intersite Link is ideal for Public Safety,  Oil & Gas and Industrial markets. Zetron—the demostrated leader in mission critical  communications solutions, delivering worldwide, through partners like AIR.

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