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Motorola Analog Base Station/Repeater: GR500/CDR500

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Delivering More Flexible Communication to Your Business Repeater

  • Reliable, Cost Effective 15A Power Supply
  • Delivers Flexibility to Choose Optimal Frequency & Power Levels
  • Offers A Variety of Mounting Options 

Motorola's GR500/CDR500 offers users unique versatility and power through its extensive range of functionalities which increase the calling range and capabilities of mobile and portable radios. An affordable and cost-efficient solution for analog repeater applications, GR500/CDR500 can be for both conventional and/or simple trunking solutions in sites without a crowded RF environment.

The Main Features of Motorola Analog GR500/CDR500 Repeater

These repeaters make it easy and simple to widen the reach of your radios, by extending your two-way radio system to accommodate longer distances as you broaden your customer base and coverage area.
Features Include:
  • Flexibility in Choosing Frequency & Power Levels
  • Continuous Duty Cycle Operation for up to 25 Watt Tx Power
  • Easy Integration with Existing Infrastructures
  • Battery Revert Operation
  • One or Two Antenna(s) Operation

The Motorola GR500/CDR500 Repeater Housing has an internal switching power supply, a cooling fan and room for mounting two mpbile radios (Professional or Comercial Series), a mobile duplexer and one or two repeater controllers. The controller options available are: 1) Unidirectional Configuration—provides added range for radios on widespread worksites, 2) Bidirectional Configuration—to temporarily join 2 separate groups during emergency situations, 3) Unidirectional Crossband—provides capability to monitor frequencies such as weather or road condition channels, 4) Bidirectional Crossband—temporarily joins 2 groups that typically operate on different frequency bands.

Motorola's GR500/CDR500 is ideal for Public Safety, Commercial, Industrial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. A smarter way to extend your radios with quality you can count on.
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