Motorola Analog Commercial Mobile Radio: CM340

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Radio Mobile Conventionnelle Commerciale Motorola CM340

Small Select 5 signaling Mobile Radio

  • Continuous Communication through "Repeater Talkaround" Function
  • Single Button Emergency Communication
  • Four Single Push Functions
The Motorola CM340 offers a wide range of features and functionality for the budget conscious. An affordable and practical communication solution that promotes safety and quality through its "repeater talkaround" capability, where users will always be able to stay in contact with each other, even if their local repeater fails or they are out of range, and Motorola X-Pand™ audio enhancement technology— your workforce has the confidence in knowing voice communications will be heard each and every time.

The Main Features of Motorola CM340 Commercial Series Mobile Radios

In addition, the CM340 features an emergency communication mode that can also be expanded to act as  a "Lone Worker" function to alert colleagues should no response be provided by the user. A simple single digit display unit the CM340 has two programmable buttons to provide 4 single push functions and is designed with the needs of the operational mobile workforce in mind.
Frequency Ranges:
  •   MB    (66–88 MHz)
  •   VHF   (146–174 MHz)
  •   UHF1 (403–440 MHz)
  •   UHF2 (438–470 MHz)
Features Include:
  • 10 channels capacity
  • 1–25W MODELS
  • Select 5 (5 Tone) Signaling 
  • Programmable channel spacing (12.5/25 kHz)
  • Adjustable Power Levels 
  • Voice operated transmit (VOX)
The Motorola Commericial Series radios are ideal for Commercial, Industrial, Transport and Construction markets. Affordability, reliability, and sophistication from a name you can trust and believe in.  
Brochure des Radios Mobiles Commerciales CM340 de Motorola
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