Motorola Analog Portable Radio: P030

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Radio Portable Conventionnelle Motorola P030

Full Keypad Feature Rich Portable Radio

This product has been discontinued, please contact us at to check for alternatives, accessories or spares availability.

  • Offers Up to 99 Channel Capacity
  • Supports DTMF Signaling
  • Provides, Discreet. Lightweight Design

The Motorola P030 offers users a feature rich, compact and lightweight, easy to use radio solution. Delivering 99 channel capacity, it offers businesses flexibility in communication with their mobile workforces while providing a cost efficient communication solution. Ideal for larger work groups the P030 can be configured to set up multiple talk groups to reflect the team(s) communication methodologies. The full keypad ensures easy access to communicate and set up the radio.

The Main Features of Motorola P030 Series Portable Radios

With front panel programming, users can customize and reset radios in the field without software, thus saving the organization time and money from having the employee go back and forth from base to the field. The P030 also offers a Prime Channel and Priority Scan feature aimed at providing users a way to avoid missing important messages.

Frequency Ranges:

  • VHF: (146-174MHz)
  • UHF: (403-440MHz)

Features Include:

  • 99 Channel Capacity
  • 128 Different Private Lines—to set up talkgroups
  • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz)
  • Front Panel Programming
  • Selective Call Capabilities
  • Supports DTMF Signaling (for telephone interconnect with appropriate interface)
  • Four Programmable Buttons (provide access to 8 commonly used features)
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Variable Time-out Timer

The Motorola P030 Series radios are ideal for Commercial,Hospitality, Retail, Tourism, Industrial/Manufacturing and Construction markets. A radio communication solution built for professionals by professionals.

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