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Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Solution

MCC 5500 Dispatch Solution
American International Radio, Inc. is a premier distribution partner for Motorola and is pleased to offer Command and Control Solutions featuring Motorola's MCC 5500 Dispatch Solution.
Designed to ease the complex job of a mission critical radio system, the MCC 5500 dispatch solution offers maximum functionality and enhanced integration with 9-1-1 radio dispatch providing a more affordable mission critical communications infrastructure that is easy to use and implement for command and control operations. By integrating the advanced 9-1-1 and telephony features of PlantCML VESTA Pallas E9-1-1, with Fire Station Alerting and Instant Call Recorder, dispatchers are able to control the two most essential functions of the call center: 9-1-1 communication and dispatch, along with mapping, CAD, AVL and much more. The result of using these features allows for users to respond smarter, faster, easier and with more confidence.
As the console system is designed to collect information about system operations and provide in a timely manner diagnostic assessments, reports and statistical data to help dispatchers improve operations efficiency and effectiveness.

The solution consists of the MCC 5500 Dispatch Console Operator Position—which connect directly to the radio system's IP transport network without gateways or interface boxes,  Dispatch Application Software, a Console Audio Box (CAB),auxiliary Console Electronics Shelf (CES), Console System Database Manager (CSDM) and Alias Database Manager (ADM) Server (optional).
Benefits Include:
√ Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities
√ Multifunctional Console—allowing dispatchers to access features at the touch of a button
√ Flexible, Simple GUI that eases migration and minimizes user training requirements
√ Flexible and customizable screen layouts (by agency, resource, shift etc)
√ Multiple system support for conventional analog, conventional mixed mode, iDEN, Stat-Alert and ASTRO
√ Enhanced Secure Operation
√ Integration with Other Control Room Operations: 911, mapping, IRR and fire station alerting
√ One Application to Control: Radio, Telephone & Paging Operations
√ A single Operator PC for IRR and Telemetry Control
The operator position hardware consists of a PC, dispatch application software, keyboard, mouse, speakers, audio accessories and a console audio box (CAB). This allows dispatchers to communicate with field units and telephone callers. Dispatchers also have the capability to control and monitor multiple channels of radio activity, send pages and to patch together various channels. Each CAB is connected to a Console Electronic Shelf (CES).
The dispatch application software runs under Microsoft Windows and enables operators to customize and tailor the layout of the GUI providing maximum flexibility, intuitive behavior and ease of use. CAB or Console Audio Box provides the interface between the console PC and CES; utilizing a TDM switch on a distributed architecture it allows for automatic switching and a fully redundant, self-healing solution.
The Console Electronics Shelf consists of a console processor module to manage communications and digital audio processor modules to interface external analog circuits. These modules facilitate the communications between console operators, radio channels, voice recorders and other various external devices connected to the console.
Every MCC 5500 dispatch console requires a console system database manager which allows for the configuration of the console, access to the configuration database, ability to upgrade software, monitor the system and to troubleshoot console issues.
If you are looking for more flexibility with your dispatch solution the Alias Database Manager (ADM) Server is a program that helps manage the centralization of server-based access to Caller ID aliases. It provides simple aliasing of radio unit IDs, status members and message numbers utilizing a standard PC server with Windows. 
Motorola's MCC 5500 Dispatch Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Military, Industrial and Emergency Response markets. For more information on the Motorola MCC 5500 Dispatch Command and Control Solution view the spec sheet below or to learn more about their portfolio of Command and Control Solutions click here.
MCC 5500 Solution Spec Sheet
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