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Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Solution

MCC 7500 Dispatch Solution
American International Radio, Inc. is a premier distribution partner for Motorola and is pleased to offer Command and Control Solutions featuring Motorola's MCC 7500 Dispatch Solution.
Designed to ease the complex job of a mission critical radio system, the MCC 7500 dispatch solution offers network management that is centrally controlled providing a more affordable mission critical communications infrastructure that is easy to use, implement and cost effective across multiple platforms. Integration of the MCC 7500 dispatch solution with radio systems enables full participation in end-to-end encryption for secure communications, priority handling of emergency calls, and Agency Partitioning.
As the console system is configured and managed by the radio system's configuration manager, fault manager and performance configuration manager the result is a single point of configuration and management of the system for the customer. The centralized approach structure saves time, resources and individual efforts for both administrators and technicians.
The solution consists of the MCC 7500 Dispatch Console Operator Position—which connect directly to the radio system's IP transport network without gateways or interface boxes,  a Conventional Channel Gateway, a Digital  Conventional Channel Gateway (DCCGW),auxiliary input/output server and archiving interface server (AIS).
Benefits Include:
√ Elite GUI that eases migration and minimizes user training requirements
√ Flexible and customizable screen layouts (by agency, resource, shift etc)
√ Customizable trunked and conventional radio channels
√ Compatibility with CENTRACOM Gold Elite™ for even more robust features and functionality
√ Cost savings & interoperability for multiple agencies by using Agency Partitioning, while still maintaining
    control of their own channels, encryption keys and console configurations
√ Optimized patch functionality between trunked and/or conventional radios
√ Enhanced secure operation
√ Interface more easily with other agencies utilizing different encryption configurations without manual
√ Simultaneous support of multiple secure keys and up to 60 calls utilizing up to 4 different algorithms
The operator position hardware consists of a monitor, personal computer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, audio accessories and a voice processor module (VPM). The VPM provides connections for analog devices to be connected to the digital console.
The conventional channel gateway (CCGW) enables trunked system users to incorporate analog conventional channels into their dispatch operations without the requirement for separate hardware networks or channel banks. The CCGW provides E&M and tone remote station control, supports 4-wire analog connections for conventional and can support us to four analog channels. Much like the CCGW, the DCCGW enables trunked users to incorporate TETRA/ASTRO 25 conventional channels into dispatch operations without separate hardware requirements. This method provides digital control of the station via a V.24 connection and can support up to two TETRA/ASTRO 25 channels.
Since the MCC 7500 console does not rely on centralized electronics, the auxiliary input/output server enables operators to control and monitor external devices through contact closures and input buffers housed in RTUs (remote terminal units). The consoles and RTUs communicate to each other through the system's IP transport network.
If you are looking for more flexibility with your audio logging the AIS (Archiving Interface Server) provides this and much more. A computer and VPM work together with an IP based logging recorder to produce the following benefits and enhancements:
   → Supports Agency Partitioning, enhancing control over which resources are recorded by which agency
       or department
   → Security and fault management is centralized at the radio system's network manager
   → Recorder capacity is based on the number of radio transmissions it will need to record simultaneously
   → Dispatcher and radio initiated events on radio are recorded
   → Any information associated with radio calls is recorded in addition to the call audio
   → The recorded audio quality is equivalent to console position audio
Motorola's MCC 7500 Dispatch Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Military, Industrial and Emergency Response markets. For more information on the Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Command and Control Solution view the spec sheet below or to learn more about their portfolio of Command and Control Solutions click here.
MCC 7500 Dispatch Brochure
Command and Control Solution Brochure
MCC 7500 Logging Recorder Spec Sheet
MCC 7500 Spec Sheet
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