Motorola P25 Portable Radio: XTS1500

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XTS 1500

Dependable, Affordable Portable Radio

This product will be cancelled as of November 30, 2014. Please contact your for additional information.

  • Offers 48 or 96 Channel Capacity
  • Delivers Advance Digital Privacy Encryption
  • Supports Integrated Voice & Data

The Motorola XTS1500 portable radio delivers the quality communications and interoperability that users expect, backed by a tough, rugged design for the demanding and often dangerous environments they work in. This IP-enabled radio offers a wide array of advanced features and technology suited for the public safety arena, including two model types.

The Main Features of Motorola XTS1500 Series Portable Radios

The XTS1500's uncompromising durability is founded in its design, meeting  Military specifications 810, C, D, E and F, while also providing protection against the elements with redundant silicon seals and using MacroBlend housing material to ensure against damaging shock, vibrations, UV radiation, dust and electrostatic discharge. 

Built for the demands of the public utility operations, the XTS1500 advanced technology delivers high-powered features in a light, compact and rugged package all at an affordable price. This radio allows your work groups to be prepared for the unexpected, respond immediately and offer the highest quality of service to the community.

Additional capabilities of the XTS1500 include utilizing the radio as a modem to send and receive data through a traditional trunking or conventional system.  If no system is available then users can use IP packet data capabilities to send data directly to other radios.   

Frequency Range:

  • VHF:       136–174 MHz
  • UHF1:     380–470 MHz
  • UHF2:     450–520 MHz
  • 700/800: 764–870 MHz

Available Models:

  • Model I: Basic, with no display
  • Model I.5: Display

Features Include:

  • Digital or Analog Modes of Operation
  • Works on ASTRO® 25 Network for Interoperability
  • Customizable Programming
  • FLASHport™ Capability
  • IP Enabled For External Data Device Usage via USB or RS232 Connections
  • Noise Reduction Software, Hear Clear and Audio Gain Control
  • 2 Models Available
  • Integrated Voice and & Data Ready
  • Channel Announcement
  • Advance Digital Privacy (ADP)
  • Data Capability
  • 48 and 96 Channel Capacity Availability

The Motorola XTS1500 portable radio is ideal for Public Utilities and Municipality markets. When life gets critical get mission critical control with the XTS Portable Series.  

XTS 1500 Brochure
XTS 1500 Spec Sheet

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