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Motorola PDR3500 Portable Base Station/Repeater

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Portable Base Station/Repeater

  • Available in Repeater or Remote Base Station Operation
  • Audio Cross-patch Capability
  • Offers Rapid Deployment Capabilities "Jump and Run"
Motorola's PDR 3500 provides a versatile, rapid deployment solution that enables your personnel to be prepared for the unexpected. Designed to be compact and under 50 lbs, the PDR 3500 offers flexibility and enhanced communications operations for a variety of applications including: Natural Disaster Support, Event Security, Surveillance Mission Support, Emergency Back-up Systems and many more.

The Main Features of Motorola PDR3500 Portable Base Station/Repeater

Because of the flexibility of the system, users can perform a multitude of operations with the portable base station. In situations where natural disasters occur, deploying PDR 3500 in key locations helps to re-establish critical communications throughout the affected region to keep recovery efforts moving and allows first responders to deploy multi-band communications utilizing the cross-patch capability.
In instances where  surveillance operations are involved, teams have the ability to go beyond the city's normal communication system coverage area to perform their mission with the utmost confidence in their mobile deployment solution.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 136–154MHz
  • UHF: 380–403MHz
  • 800MHz: 806–825/851–870MHz
Features Include:
  • Up to 16 Channels, Digital/Analog Operation
  • P25 Compliant Interoperability
  • Housed in Aluminum, Sealed, Weather Resistant Case
  • Field Upgradeable via FLASHport™Technology
  • Power Levels:
  • 30 Watt (VHF and UHF1,2,3,4)
  • 25 Watt (UHF5—494–520MHz)
  • 6–20 Watt / 20–100 Watt (800MHz)
  • 25–100 Watt (900MHz)
  • Conventional Operation Only
  • Transmit 50% Duty Cycle Operation
  • AC (85–260V/50–60Hz) and DC (12V) Operation
  • Tone Remote Control or Digital Remote Control (optional)
  • Uses the Same Software and Programming Cable as QUANTAR
  • Cross-patch Capability
PDR3500 can support multiple conventional analog and digital communication protocols, including ASTRO 25 and encryption.
Motorola's PDR3500 Portable Base Station is ideal for Government and Public Safety markets. Motorola—providing the vital connection between landline and radio communication environments through innovative products and solutions brought to you through AIR.
PDR 3500 Brochure
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