Motorola Professional Mobile Radio: GM660

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Versatile MPT Professional Mobile Radio

  • Offers Fully Compliant MPT Signaling Package with 16 Channels
  • Configurable For Up to 4 Personalities (Talkgroup Select)
  • Provides A Range of Interchangeable Programmable Buttons
The Motorola GM660 Professional mobile offers users a simple, intuitive menu driven interface to deliver a feature rich and effective communication solution The GM660's signaling package is fully compliant with MPT and includes MPT1343, Regionet 43 and ANN modes of operation. GM660 is configurable for up to 4 personalities which include Talkgroup Select and conventional signaling. Enjoy a 1 x 14 character display, menu keypad and voice storage as standard built in features to provide you the flexibility and capabilities you need to move communications across your workforce. 

The Main Features of Motorola GM660 Professional Mobile Radios

A range of interchangeable programmable buttons are also available to tailor the radio to the user’s requirements and the large alpha-numeric display provides caller identity, multilingual access to the menus, address book, clock and reminder alarm. The display also features a signal strength indicator.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 136–174 MHz
  • UHF: 403–470 MHz
Features Include:
  • Up to 4 configurable personalities
  • Short Data Messages by Keypad (with Keypad Microphone)
  • Contact List up to 100 entries
  • User Editable Contact List (with Keypad Microphone)
  • Data Display
  • DTMF Capability (with Keypad Microphone)
  • 14-character alphanumeric display
  • Voice Storage included as standard
  • MPT1327 Signaling
  • Conventional Mode (Carrier Squelch + PL)
  • Wideband and Programmable Channel Spacing
  • Option Board Expandability 
The Motorola GM660 Professional two-way radio is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Commercial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. A radio communication solution built for professionals by professionals.  
GM660 Spec Sheet

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