Motorola Professional Portable Radio: GP540

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SmartZone™ Trunked Portable Radio, Affordable and Easy to Use

  • Offers Up to 16 Channel Capacity
  • Access Up To 15 Different Talkgroups On Up to 16 Different Systems
  • Provides Four Programmable Buttons For Quick & Easy Access 
The Motorola GP540 offers users an easy to use and dynamic communication solution. Built to meet a variety of communication requirements with 16 talkgroups or channels and the ability to access up to 15 different talkgroups across 16 different systems, the GP540 delivers flexibility and so much more.



The Main Features of Motorola GP540 Professional Series Portable Radios

Ideal for organizations looking to enhance workforce productivity, GP540 provides a host of features to get the job done. With RSSI roaming capability communications can extend beyond the reach of a single trunked site providing seamless transitions from site to site. Users' flexibility in increased utilizing the dual mode capability, which allows access to both the trunked system and conventional operation. Should an instance occur where your infrastructure is compromised the radio will automatically revert to a pre-assigned conventional voice channel.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF:   (136–174MHz)
  • UHF1:  (403–470MHz)

Features Include:

  • RRSI Roaming Feature
  • Selective Radio Inhibit & Remote Monitor Function
  • Dual Mode Capability
  • Failsafe Operation
  • 16 Talkgroups or Channels
  • Multiple System Interoperability—access to up to 15 different talkgroups on up to 16 different systems
  • 4 Programmable Buttons (easy access to frequently used features)
  • Private Call Decode
  • Call Alert Decode
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Compatible with MDC1200 Conventional Systems

Feel safe in knowing your voice conversations are safe. The Private Call Decode capability on the GP540 enables users to receive a one-to-one call from another radio without disturbing the rest of the team, keeping sensitive information and conversations private when they need to be. Should the unit ever be lost or stolen the selective radio inhibit feature allows communication to be blocked remotely keeping the integrity of your communications in balance.

The Motorola GP540 Smartzone Trunked Portable is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Commercial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. When your workforce requires versatility and enhanced productivity Motorola is there, as dedicated as you are with their Smartzone technology.

GP540/GP580 Brochure

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