Motorola Professional Portable Radio: GP580

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SmartZone™ Trunked Portable Radio Smart and Versatile

  • Offers Up to 16 Channel Capacity
  • Access Up To 15 Different Talkgroups On Up to 10 Different Systems
  • Provides 250 Modes to Keep Large Numbers of Diverse User Talkgroups in Contact
The Motorola GP580 Smartzone Portable offers users an efficient, intelligent and seamless communications solution. Designed primarily for personnel who require an enhanced feature set the GP580 delivers dual mode capability allowing users easy access to conventional operation.  Part of the enhanced user experience is delivered through the alphanumeric and iconic display allows easy access to the intuitive menu giving access to talkgroup identities, phone book and contact list.

The Main Features of Motorola GP580 Professional Series Portable Radios

Where discreet communications are needed the GP580 is there. Personnel has the capability to send and receive one to one calls through a preprogrammed contact list or via direct keypad entry. With 250 available modes, it allows large numbers of diverse user talkgroups to stay constantly in touch with each other and to easily manage users.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF:   (136–174MHz)
  • UHF1:  (403–470MHz)
  • 800MHz
Features Include:
  • Crisp and Clear Audio Quality
  • RSSI Roaming
  • Selective Radio Inhibit
  • Dual Mode Capability
  • Priority Scan
  • Private Line and 5 Tone Signaling
  • Pre-assigned Conventional Voice Channel
  • Silent Emergency Mode
  • Alpha-numeric and Iconic Display
  • Battery Gauge Icon  
  • 8 Statuses and 16 Pre-programmed Message Options
  • Missed Call Identity
  • Telephone Interconnect
The Motorola GP580 Smartzone Trunked Portable is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. When your workforce requires versatility and enhanced productivity Motorola is there, as dedicated as you are with their Smartzone technology.
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