Motorola Solutions Analog Portable Radio: P145

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Enhanced functionality, non-keypad portable radio

  • Offers Up to 16 Channel Capacity
  • VOX Capability
  • Two Programmable Buttons

The Motorola Solutions P145 portable radio provides the durability and quality one expects from Motorola products. With easy and prompt voice communications your workforce can be on the go immediately, while increased productivity and efficiencies help to drive your organization or business further.

The main features of Motorola Solutions P145 portable radios

The P145 offers a limited version keypad and is both hlightweight and compact— delivering a multitude of features including built-in voice scrambling for enhanced security and privacy, as well as built-in DTMF signaling for caller identification and secured communications.

By offering multichannel capability the P145 provides 16 channels to support communications to your workforce.

Frequency ranges:

  • VHF: 136–174 MHz
  • UHF: 403–447 MHz, 435–480 MHz

Features include:

  • VOX Capability
  • Two Programmable Buttons
  • Selective Calling & Talkaround
  • Channel Scan & Channel Alias
  • Integrated DTMF, MDC ve QC II Signalling
  • Channel Space12.5, 20 ve 25 kHz
  • Repeater Capability (when increased coverage is needed)

The Motorola Solutions P165 portable radios are ideal for Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Manufacturing, Property Management and Construction markets. A radiocommunication solution built for professionals by professionals.    

P100 Series Radios Specifications Sheet
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