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New MOTOTRBO Vehicular Charger

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This new vehicular charger is able to sense the type of battery inserted and controls the rate of charge accordingly. A battery will be charged at a rapid rate until it reaches to >90% charge and then will trickle charge up until it reaches >95% charge. From this point on, the charger will switch to a maintenance mode to keep the battery fully charged.
The NNTN7616 Tri-Chemisty Vehicular Charger is designed and approved to charge the following batteries for MOTOTRBO series portable radios:
PMNN4065            NiMH 1300mAh IP57 Battery
PMNN4066            Li-Ion 1500mAh IMPRES IP57 Battery
PMNN4069            Li-Ion 1400mAh IMPRES FM IP57 Battery
PMNN4077            Li-Ion 2150mAh IMPRES IP57 Battery
Vehicular Charger Specification
Input Voltage                   11-16 Vdc (13.6V Nominal)
Maximum Charge Rate       1250mA +/-15%
Rapid Charge Cycle           3 hours typical, depending on battery type, capacity and  state of charge
Size                                94 x 94 x 135 mmWeight0.9kg (approx)
Operating Temperature     +5°C to +45°C
Inline Fuses                     AGC 2 Amp and AGC 0.25 Amp   
The vehicular charging kit comes with charger, trunnion mounting bracket, and wire harness for connection to the vehicle's electric system.

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