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In-house Paging Using KSU Phone System
  • Provide 10 Number Memory Dialer
  • Supports Telephone Extension Coverage in Non-coverage Areas
  • Offers Multiple Decode Numbers for Individual/Group Call
Midian's TRA (Telephone Radio Adapter) provides users with two viable applications for communicating to a workforce, by providing telephone voltages and ring voltages to simulate a telephone line. First the TRA can be used as a phone line extenders for instances where users are in areas that have no phone line access. Second it can be used in conjunction with a KSU phone system to control a base station or a tone/DC remote or to provide in-plant paging of two-tone, five-tone and DTMF. 
TRA uses VOX operation for asserting the PTT of simplex two-way radios or remote controllers. The 10 number memory dialer offers the basic needed communication requirements, and serves as an ideal solution for rural telephone applications that is both affordable and simple to use.
Features Include:
√ VOX Operation
√ Connect/Disconnect ANI's
√ 10 Number Memory Dialer
√ Busy Channel Lockout
√ Programmable Time-out Timer
√ Simplex/Duplex Operation
√ Channel Scanning
√ Multiple Decode Numbers for Individual/Group Call

Installation is simple with TRA as it is easily interfaced with many full-duplex or simplex mobile radios and KSU phone systems. As it works with most DTMF interconnects users should have no issues with set up.
Midian's TRA Telephone Radio Adapter is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial, Air Transport, Emergency Services and Fleet Transportation markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your communication concerns.   
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