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TRC-100 Model
Tone Remote Controller with DTMF
  • Offers DTMF Dialing & Decoding
  • Uses Standard EIA Sequential Tone Format
  • Offers Various Programmable Options
The Midian TRC-100 is an ideal solution for new or existing tone remote control desktop units, allowing dispatchers or operators to control a remote base station or repeater using the built-in standard EIA tone format over telemetry link, dedicated phone line or microwave path. The TRC-100 employs an intercom feature which allows the dispatcher to talk to other parallel tone remotes on the same system, and with the built-in keypad, the operator can select up to 17 functions/frequencies and perform DTMF, 5-tone, 2-tone, and pulse tone dialing. The DTMF functions enable the dispatcher to view the DTMF ANI and Emergency ANI of field units and to perform selective calling functions.
Additionally the TRC-100 provides a radio kill feature allowing dispatchers to enable/disable a lost, stolen or non-paying unit, white the query feature enables the dispatcher to determine if a unit is on/off or decoding properly. Dispatchers who need to triangulate positions of field units or "listen in" will find the Spy feature on the TRC-100 a useful feature to enhance their communication abilities.
Features Include:
√ Parallel Remote Update or Indication
√ 40 msec monitor function tone (2050 Hz)
√ Selective Call Decode with Mute Option
√ Enhanced Audio Performance
√ Real-time Clock Display
√ DTMF Dialing & Display Decoding
√ Selective Call Encode
√ Radio Kill, Spy & Query
The TRC Series is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial and Transport markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your communication concerns and a Motorola Application Partner.    

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