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TRC 1000
Tone Remote Control with Multi-Format Paging
  • Cost Effective and Flexible
  • Uses Standard EIA Sequential Tone Format
  • Offers Various Programmable Options
The Midian TRC-1000 is an ideal solution for new or existing tone remote control desktop units, allowing dispatchers or operators to control a remote base station or repeater using the built-in standard EIA tone format over telemetry link, dedicated phone line or microwave path. The TRC-1000 employs an intercom feature which allows the dispatcher to talk to other parallel tone remotes on the same system, and with the built-in keypad, the operator can select up to 17 functions/frequencies and perform DTMF, 5-tone, 2-tone, and pulse tone dialing.
Additionally the TRC series offers tone signaling options to control and monitor fleet communications and can identify and stop system intrusions, utilizing transmitted ANI or PTT ID, and will display time alias and status (if applicable).

Features Include:
√ Parallel Remote Update or Indication
√ 40 msec monitor function tone (2050 Hz)
√ Selective Call Decode with Mute Option
√ Enhanced Audio Performance
√ Real-time Clock Display
√ DTMF, 5-tone, 2-tone & Pulse Tone Dialing
The TRC Series is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial and Transport markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your communication concerns and a Motorola Application Partner.    
TRC Series Brochure
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