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TRC 200 Model
Tone Remote with 5-Tone Encode & Decode
  • Offers DTMF Dialing & Display Decoding
  • Radio Kill, Spy & Query Capabilities
  • Features Internal Mic & Speaker for Extended Local Remote
The Midian TRC-200 is the most versatile 5-Tone desktop display decoder on the market today, allowing dispatchers or operators to control a remote base station or repeater using the built-in standard EIA tone format over telemetry link, dedicated phone line or microwave path. The TRC-200 employs an intercom feature which allows the dispatcher to talk to other parallel tone remotes on the same system, and with the built-in keypad, the operator can select up to 17 functions/frequencies and perform DTMF, 5-tone, 2-tone, and pulse tone dialing.
The DTMF functions enable the dispatcher to view the DTMF ANI and Emergency ANI of field units and to perform selective calling functions. In additon to displaying incoming ANI, the TRC-200 also displays an alias and time stamp of the ANI.
TRC-200 also provides a radio kill feature allowing dispatchers to enable/disable a lost, stolen or non-paying unit, white the query feature enables the dispatcher to determine if a unit is on/off or decoding properly. Dispatchers who need to triangulate positions of field units or "listen in" will find the Spy feature on the TRC-200 a useful feature to enhance their communication abilities.
The TRC can also be used to control a remotely located base station radio up to several hundred feet away and is an ideal substitue for the Motorola Centro Plus.

Features Include:
√ Decodes & Displays unit ID's, Aliases & Time Information
√ Selectively Call Field Units
√ Easy To Program & Install
√ Hold up to 125 Users in Database
√ Radio Kill, Spy & Query Functions
√ Decodes ANI & Emergency ANI
√ Scroll through Last 10 Calls
√ Repeater Controller via 5-Tone   
The TRC Series is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial and Transport markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your communication concerns and a Motorola Application Partner.    
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