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F1-F16 Tone Remote Adapter
  • Utilizes F1-F16 Standard EIA Functions Tones
  • Offers a 40msec Monitor Tone Function
  • Supports Programmable Voice Confirmation of Functions & Alarms
Midian's TTC-1 Tone remote adapter provides users an interface between tone remote control and base stations/repeaters usingF1-F15 standard EIA function tones. The TTC-1 was designed to be used to control a base station from a remote dispatch point using a tone remote controller (ex. TRC series) which connects to the adapter over a dedicated phone line, microwave path or telemetry link.
TTC-1 is flash upgradeable and includes automatic level control to compensate for line loss caused by remote controllers at greater distances or made by different manufacturers. By offering quick installation, easy level setting and jumper selectable features with a simple radio interface, the TTC-1 is an ideal solution for companies who need to get communications up and going and not waste time with difficult set up.
Features Include:
√ Standard EIA Sequential Tone Format
√ 40 msec Monitor Function Tone (2050Hz)
√ F1-F17 Function Tones
√ 2175 Hz Notch Filters
√ Programmable Voice Confirmation of:
       – Functions & Alarms
       – Voice and Morse ID
       – Over-the-air Voice and Tone Warnings
√ Morse ID/Voice ID
√ Flash Upgradeable
√ Automatic Level Control
√ Optional Remote Control of Base Station
√ Optional Radio Telephone Interconnect
Optional Features:
Option A:
   → Remote Control Wild Card With 4 Relay and/or 4 Opto-isolated Inputs/Outputs—ideal for monitoring
       and controlling equipment or alarm conditions.
Option C:
   → POTS Interface—enables phone users to dial into a radio system, or those equipped with DTMF
       keypads to access phone lines to make telephone calls.
Option D: 
   → Local Test Handset
Option G:
   → Rolling Code Voice Scrambler—add on TVS-2 for use in encrypted radio systems
Option H: 
   → Voice Inversion Scrambler—add on VPU-15 for use in scrambled radio systems.
Option J:
   → Four Wire Capability
The TTC-1 Tone Remote Adapter is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial, Air Transport and Fleet Transportation markets. Midian Electronics, a leader in voice security and encryption products—the solution to your communication concerns.       
TTC-1 Brochure

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