Vertex Standard VX-4200 Series Mobile Radio

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Full-featured FM Transceiver
  • Radio To Radio Clone Feature
  • 2-Tone Encode & 2-Tone Decode
  • DTMF Decode with Display 
The Vertex VX–4200 delivers durability, an advanced set of features and cutting-edge design for an affordable price. Designed for advanced mobile and base station business communications in the VHF or UHF Land Mobile bands the VX–4200 was built to withstand the most rugged environments. The reliability, ruggedness, and performance versatility of this model are visible through its encode and decode functions, Remote Stun/Kill/Revive feature and Direct Channel Access keys.

Keeping your workforce safe is always a concern and the VX–4200 addresses this concern with its Emergency Mode Security feature, which when activated will switch to an emergency channel and transmit a signal with live mic audio. Need to communicate with other agencies? The Interoperability Receiver is an option available that allows for your mobile workforce to receive necessary communications on multiple bands—enhancing your interoperability and communications coordination for first responder.
Frequency Ranges:
√ VHF (136–174MHz)
√ UHF (400–470MHz)

Features Include:
√ Up To 501 Channels and 32 Groups
√ 25W and 45W/50W Models
√ 12–Character Alphanumeric Display
√ Five Programmable Keys
√ Select 5 (5 Tone) Signaling
√ DTMF ANI and Paging
√ MDC 1200 ANI Encode
√ Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz)
√ Exclusive Auto–Range Transpond System—ARTS™
√ Option Board Expandability

The Vertex Series mobile radios are ideal for Government/Public Safety, Commercial, Transport and Telecom services markets. When higher priced models are simply not in the budget, consider Vertex Standard and the versatility, functionality and reliability this product line offers.

VX-4200/4100 Brochure

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