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Zetron 2000 Series Paging Terminal

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2000 Series

Paging Terminals for Large Scale Operations

  • Offers Flexibility to Add Additional Capacity As Needed
  • Provides Fully Redundant Configuration
  • Supports Networking Capability via Telephone Circuit, Radio Link or Satellite
The Zetron Series are designed for the paging operator needing a flexible, modular approach to system operation, designed with the capacity for region wide or nationwide network expansion. The terminals are incrementally expandable in both capacity and options thanks to their software intensive design.

The Main Features of Zetron 2000 Series Paging Terminals

The Series 2000 supports zoned (sequential) or synchronized (simulcast) transmitter networks over telephone, microwave or radio based circuits. For national or inter-regional paging, multiple terminals can be networked for increased subscriber capacity and coverage. Subscriber service in regions and across regions is controlled through the system management computer. Dial-out TAP enables a terminal to page through the PSTN and feed a numeric or alphanumeric page to another paging terminal or public service provider.
Models Available:
  • Model 2100 Paging Terminal
  • Model 2200 Paging Terminal
  • Model 2200EX Expansion Chassis
The Model 2100 offers cost efficiency and operation for around two to three hundred users. Modest in size is delivers flexibility and the same advanced feature set of the Model 2200. Should users exceed the capacity of Model 2100 it is easily upgraded to the 2200 chassis and the internal cards can be transferred as well, since they share the same common chassis.
The Model 2200 is ideal for larger capacity applications such as pagers, telephone trunk interfaces and voice storage. A smart investment for those systems that will evolve and grow quickly.
The Model 2200EX expansion chassis ensure optimal and extended growth beyond initial capacities of the Model 2200.  With this addition to the system, the Model 2200 will be able to support up to 38 telephone trunks and 50,000 pagers. Capacity can be extended even further with the addition of a second chassis increasing trunk capacity to 58.

Features Include:

  • Operator Paging from Entry Terminals
  • Customer Recorded Voice Prompts for Direct Telephone Access
  • Pulse/Rotary Telephone Systems Supported
  • Optional Integrated Voice Messaging and Mailbox Available
  • Fully Redundant Configuration Available with Standby System Controller
  • Zoned (sequential) or Synchronized (simulcast) Transmitter Networks Supported
  • Digital Formats POCSAG (512, 1200, 2400) and RDS, Motorola FLEX™
  • Call Logging and Performance Statistics
  • Optional Alarm Monitoring Facility–triggers pages in response to alarms
  • Network Multiple Terminals via TNPP (for wide area or regional coverage)
  • Networking Capability by Telephone Circuit, Radio Link or Satellite
Some of the major benefits of the Series 2000 terminals are its advanced database management and diagnostics, integrated voice messaging, easy field upgrades and satellite downlink capabilities which enable the creation and support for nationwide networks. The comprehensive selection of interfaces that supports telephone equipment, radio transmitters, networks, paging encoding formats etc. delivers better service and control over the entire system.
The Zetron Series 2000 Paging Terminals are ideal for Industrial, Commercial or Healthcare markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
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