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Zetron 6000 Series VoIP Radio Dispatch System

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VoIP Radio Dispatch System

  • Interfaces to Analog, Digital Conventional & Trunked Radio Systems
  • Offers Flexible Edge Placement
  • Designed for Harsh RF Site Environments
Zetron's Series 6000 VoIP Radio Dispatch System offers users an end-to-end radio dispatch solution designed for applications which require access to multiple radios where geographical or remote locations pose an issue with communication flow. By providing a system that consists  of PC operator positions running application software and combining this with flexible edge placement of IP end points it makes an otherwise difficult installation process more simplistic. This set up allows the entire system to reside within a LAN without traversing firewalls and still allow control of conventional and fixed stations at remote sites. 
Trust in Zetron's equipment Series 6000 radio gateways. They are designed to meet the harshest of site environments holding up against a wide temperature range, providing good RF immunity, no moving parts and utilizes a reliable embedded operating system. The Series 6000 offers better utilization of time as the gateway allow for full remote maintenance via a web browser rather than a road trip to the site.



The Main Features of Zetron 6000 Series VoIP Radio Dispatch System

Looking for cost effective communications? Zetron's radio dispatch system uses a host PC for its VoIP communications, resulting in significantly lower costs per operator position versus traditional circuit switched electronic based systems. When compared to IP network assessment and avoidance of high bandwidth IP connections to radio sites, both the up-front costs and total cost of ownership are greatly reduced.
Features Include:
  • Inherently distributed (avoids concentrating equipment in a single vulnerable site)
  • IP Network Assessment Tool
  • TRC Positive Mode Control
  • Channel-steered Paging
  • Local & Tone Remote Control
  • Monitor Parallel Transmissions
  • Cross-console Mute
  • Stacked Paging with Page List
  • Store DTMF Paging
  • Multiple Alert Tones
  • Parallel TRC Decode w/ LOTL
  • Transmit & Receive AGC
  • Radio Receive VOX Detection
  • Full Duplex Audio
  • Able to Monitor 20 or More Radios Simultaneously
  • Conforms with Project 25 Fixed Station Interface (AFSI)
  • Interfaces to Analog and Digital Conventional Radio
The Zetron Series 6000 VoIP Radio Dispatch System is ideal for Public and Private Utilities and Railway/Air Transportation markets. Zetron—ensuring the highest voice quality reliability for mission critical communications.

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