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Zetron Digital Paging Panel: Model 16

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Digital Paging Panel

  • Provides High Efficiency Batching Algorithms
  • Offers 500 Character Capacity For a Single Page
  • Supports Simultaneous Sending/Receiving of Pages
Zetron's Model 16 is a computer-driven, digital paging POCSAG encoder which can be connected to the port of a personal computer. The Model 16 is an ideal for factory automation systems and startup paging operators wishing to provide a cost effective bureau-type paging service.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 16 Digital Paging Panels

A single PC can be directly connected to Model 16 or multiple users can share access to the system via LAN, or it can be fitted with a dial up modem so that PC's with modems may dial into the Model 16 to place a page. Users also have the capability to be connected to a remote transmitter to enhance coverage.
When it comes to system programming the operating parameters on Model 16 are easily modified and set up via a direct connection with RS-232. There are user friendly menus to guide the system operator through initial programming of features including: communication parameters, transmitter configuration, paging formats and station ID.
Features Include:
  • Serial TAP interface
  • Remote transmitter control
  • High efficiency batching algorithms
  • Supports 512 and 1200 baud POCSAG, and Golay formats
  • Supports priority paging
  • Batches Pages
  • Simultaneous Sending & Receiving of Pages
  • 500-Character capacity for single page
  • 1000-Pager database with Paging Terminal Software (option)
Users also have the capability to automate operation with ZAPP! software. It can take input from operators on multiple networks or single PC's and send pages to the Model 16 where they are then encoded and batched for transmission. ZAPP! can handle an unlimited number of digital pagers and maintains a database of customers & users so the optional paging terminal software is not required.
A number of other optional software options are available and can be found in the brochure below.
The Zetron Model 16 Digital Paging Panel is ideal for Industrial markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
M16 Brochure
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