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Zetron Digital Repeater: Model 55D

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Model 55D

Extending Paging Range

  • Supports Sequencing for Up to 7 Repeaters
  • Capacity to Store Up to 17 Minutes of 512 Baud POCSAG
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Link Infrastructure & Simulcast Equipment
The Zetron Model 55D Digital Repeater provides paging range extension at an affordable cost. By connecting to a receiver and tuning the transmitter to the paging channel, which is used at the link, the Model 55D is able to extend the paging range outside the main paging transmitter's range. The repeater then monitors the paging frequency to prevent transmission of pages when the frequency is already in use by another system.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 55D Digital Repeaters

The Model 55D offers reliable data storage capabilities that "kick" into gear once POCSAG paging data has been detected. The unit begins to record the digital paging information, while the error correction software eliminates excess noise, interference and falsing as it stores the data into the buffer.  Once the original transmission is complete the Model 55D closes the PTT relay and retransmits the buffered paging data.
Instead of investing in costly simulcasting equipment the Model 55D provides an addressing feature which can sequence up to seven repeaters. The master repeater sends a page to repeater #2, which then relays the page to repeater #3 and so on. Another feature of the Model 55D is its programmable COR delay. In normal operation mode the unit will wait at least .5 seconds after the channel busy (COR) indication has been cleared before transmitting, however there are DIP switches on the Model 55D which allow for this wait time to be changed to 2.0 seconds.  This capability allows repeaters to be sequenced by determining which should wait longer to transmit.
Features Include:
  • Decodes POCSAG Digital Pages
  • Eliminates Separate Link Infrastructure
  • Allows Remote Control Transmitters on Shared Channels
  • Supports 512 and 1200 Baud POCSAG
  • Software Controlled, No Hardware PLLs
  • Transmits Morse Code Station ID
  • Allows Sequencing for Up to 7 Repeaters (for wide-area coverage)
  • Capacity to Store Up to 17 Minutes of 512 Baud POCSAG
  • Optional System Identification
  • Simplex Operation
  • Programmable COR Delay
The Model 55D offers an optional System ID which blocks unwanted POCSAG pages or only those transmissions that contain the correct SID (system identification code).
The Zetron Model 55D Digital Repeater is ideal for Public Safety, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Security and Airport Security markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements. 
Model 55D Spec Sheet
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