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Zetron: Model 18/18+ Control Link

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Control Link for Wireless Telemetry

  • Supports Up to 40 I/O Points
  • Configurable For Point to Point/Point to Multipoint Systems
  • Offers Efficient Signaling Protocol

Zetron's Model18/18+ Control Links provide a cost effective alternative wireless solution for remote control and monitoring versus leased phone lines or dedicated wireline. The link is a versatile method for relaying alarm conditions, status changes, measured data and remote control commands over radio transceivers instead of traditional wires, replacing up to 20 of these dedicated lines.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 18/18+ Control Links

In addition to point-to-point, Control Link supports multipoint-to-multipoint operation which allows inputs to be sent to outputs at different locations. Each Model 18 is a bi-directional unit capable of both sending and receiving on/off commands making it efficient at signaling protocol.

Applications Include:
  • Water System Monitoring & Control
  • Water Tanks Monitor & Control
  • Control and Monitor Remote Lift Stations
  • Irrigation Monitoring & Control
  • Monitor & Control Remote Sites for Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Power & Security
Features Include:
  • 8 Discrete Inputs/8 Control Outputs (Model 18) 
  • 16 Discrete Inputs/16 Control Outputs (Model 18+)
  • 4 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs (Model 18+)
  • Built-in Error Detection
  • 20 Bi-directional Channels of Discrete & Analog I/O (Model 18+)
  • Closed Loop Control
  • Expandable - more units connected to the same radio
  • Report by Exception
  • Communication Failure Alarm
  • Optional NEMA Enclosure
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-60ºC

Available In :
  • Zetron Control Link Telemetry Systems
  • Can be used with Model 1801 Multipurpose Status and Control Panel
  • Operates with Conventional or Trunking Radios  

Zetron's Model 18/18+ Link is ideal for Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Telecom Services markets. Zetron helping to ensure the safety of communities around the world.

Model 18/18+ Control Link Spec Sheet
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