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Zetron Multi-Format Encoder: Model 15

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Multi-Format Encoder

  • Supports Multiple Paging Formats Simultaneously
  • Is Equipped to Handle Up to 14 Paging Formats
  • Provides Single Key Access to Stacked Pages

Zetron's Model 15 Multi-format Encoder is designed to provide technicians setup parameters that are keypad programmable and can be changed on site to support any necessary system changes. Installers have the capability to set up to 14 blocks of paging formats without having to install new firmware from Zetron and is an ideal solution for manual encoder applications.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 15 Muti-Format Encoders

Built for simplistic operations the M15 utilizes its 16 button keypad for entering page numbers and displays the number on the six character LED display before being sent. Should an operator encounter an error or invalid entry the simply press a specially marked key to clear or abort the page.
While in the field it may become necessary to communicate with a number of pagers or change a programmed stack of pagers and the Model 15 enables users to make those changes or communicate with a stack of pagers by entering a single digit. Another great feature of this unit is its optional RS-232 port which allows for on-screen control and the sending of alphanumeric text messages.
Tone Formats:                                     Digital Formats:
→ Motorola/GE Two-tone                     → POCSAG Numeric/Alphanumeric Display
→ 5/6 Tone                                          → Motorola Golay Numeric Display
→ Reach                                               → NEC Tone Only/NEC Numeric Display
→ 2805Hz mobile phone dial                → Golay Alphanumeris Display
→ 1500Hz
→ Hexadecimal Sequential Code
Features Include:
  • Field-programmable from keypad
  • Combines Analog and digital formats Within One Unit
  • Automatic Transmitter Keying
  • Tone, Tone and Voice, Numeric, Alpha paging
  • Custom two-tone paging tones, or Plectron format
  • Optional RS-232 port to allow alphanumeric page entry from computer
  • Multiple pagers entered into keyboard stack
  • Single key access to stacked pages
  • Transmit Inhibit Input Provides Automatic Channel Monitor
  • Keypad Programmable for Format Setup
  • Single Key Re-page of Last Page Made
There are some unique characteristics with the Model 15 and its various paging formats. With analog formats the model 15 allows field selection and programming from the front keypad of any common analog paging format. If you have a customized format the M15 becomes the ideal encoder then for alerting nonstandard tones, including Plectron and Federal. It allows the installer to program the custom frequencies in the field and create stacks of pages that can be initiated with one or two keystrokes.
If using POCSAG formats a digital capable transmitter is then required and numeric messages are still entered via the keypad. The Metro Pageboy/Metrx two-tone sequential paging allows for higher capacity paging than other traditional formats and also supports group call functionality.
The Zetron Model 15 Multi-format Encoder is ideal for Public Safety and Government Emergency Response markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.
M15 Multi Encoder Brochure
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