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Zetron Page Buffer: Model 55B

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Model 55B

High Fidelity Simplex Repeater

  • Delivers Enhanced Storage Capacity
  • Supports Up to 120 Seconds of Audio Data
  • Allows Remote Control Transmitters on Shared Channels
The Zetron Model 55B Page Buffer deliver alternatives to costly zone sequencing  or simulcasting equipment by offering users a place to store incoming pages from a terminal that can later be sent out for transmission. Essentially a recording device the Model 55B allows two paging terminals to share a remote transmitter while sequencing without zone addressing. By replaying pages from a remote link after transmission, the Model 55B provides a way to sequence overlapping transmitters without using zone addressing making communications more cost effective.

The Main Features of Zetron Model 55B Page Buffers

When faced with paging terminals that have limited buffering capabilities the Model 55B is the ideal add-on with the capability to store excess pages when or if they terminal or channel is busy. Another ideal feature of the Model 55B is its ability to interpret POCSAG 512 and 1200 baud rates for digital paging. If you're looking for a unit with ample storage memory the Model 55B can hold 120 seconds of audio but can be expanded up to a maximum of 480 seconds with the memory expansion option.
Features Include:
  • Enhanced Storage Capacity vs. Older Model Paging Terminals
  • Capability for Two Paging Terminals to Share a Remote Transmitter
  • 120 Seconds of Storage Time, Expandable Up to 480 Seconds
  • Audio Detector
  • Analog Paging Channel Repeater
  • Supports Analog and & Digital Paging
  • Allows Remote Control Transmitters on Shared Channels
  • Eliminates Need for Costly Zone Sequencing or Simulcasting Equipment
  • Capability to Store Pages Then Forward to Transmitter When Channel is Clear 
The Zetron Model 55B Page Buffer is ideal for Public Safety, Government, Security and Airport Security markets. Delivering cost-effective performance today with an upgrade path for tomorrow's growth, feature enhancements and technological advancements.

Model 55B Spec Sheet

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